36 Secret Strategies of the Martial Arts
A collection of 36 ancient Chinese maxims on battle and strategy
365 Samurai
Graphic Novel
Arms & Armor of the Samurai
A look at the weaponry & armor of the Samurai
A Look into Japan
A pocket book giving brief information on Japanese culture, tradition and lifestyle
Bodhisattva of Compassion
One of the most important deities in Eastern philosophy, Kannon (Quan Yin in Chinese / Avalokita in Tibetan) is the Bodhisatta of Compassion.
Build the Musashi
Japan hinged their hopes on 2 giant battleships in the closing months of the Pacific War, the Yamato and her sister ship the Musashi.
Bushido, the Soul of Japan
First published in 1969, this book explores the tenets of Bushido
Culture Shock Japan
Japanese customs and etiquette
Dear Monkey
An English translation of the allegorical tale, Journey to the West.
Even a Stone Buddha can Talk
Kotowaza, Japanese proverbs
Eating in Japan
A pocket guide to Japanese food
Even Monkeys Fall from Trees
Kotowaza, Japanese proverbs
On Killing
Former army ranger and paratrooper, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman talks about the psychological implications of killing on soldiers. 
Read Real Japanese
Read Japanese written by well known Japanese authors
Saburo Sakai was arguably Japan's greatest Pacific War flying ace.  In later life he led the campaign for an Australian aviator he shot down over
New Guinea to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross

Seiko Fujita  - the last Koka Ninja
Biography of Seiko Fujita who it is claimed was the last Koka ninja
Learn Japanese the translators learn.  Includes audio CD.
So Can You... / Dakara Anata mo Ikinuite
Mitsuyo Ohira was bullied as a school child, attempted suicide and became involved with yakuza.  Through the intervention of a family
friend she was able to turn her life around.

Tale of Genji
Considered to be the world's first novel, Genji Monogatari was finished in 1021.
Task Force Helmand
Capt. Doug Beattie MC at 42 was ready to retire but agreed to do one more tour of Afghanistan after a desperate plea from his CO. In 2007 he arrived in Helmand Province right at a crucial time in the war against the Talib insurgents. 
The Art of War
Pocket edition of the most important book ever written on military strategy
The Art of War
Penguin edition of the most important book ever written on military strategy
The Book of the Five Rings
In later life Miyamoto Musashi wrote down his thoughts on the way of the sword.
The Demons Sermon on Martial Arts
A series of discourses between Tengu (mountain demons) and a samurai
The Devil's Whisper
An English translation of one of Japan's most popular crime / mystery writers. Fans of the crime genre will like this.
The Diary of Lady Murasaki
Translation of the diary of Murasaki Shikibu, author of Tale of Genji
The Origin of Chinese Deities
Explores the Gods of China and the myths surrounding them.
The Tale of Murasaki
A fictionalized imagining of what the life of Murasaki Shikibu might have been like
Martial Arts and Sports in Japan
A pocket book which deals with the martial arts and sports that are common in Japan
A samurai discusses how to lead a fulfilling life.