Arjuna (volume 1)
After a fatal motorcycle accident Juna is given a second chance at life so long as she fights mysterious creatures known as Raja  PG JPN
Arjuna (volume 2)
Arjuna (volume 3)
Arjuna (volume 4)
Bamboo Blade (volume 1)
Tama an anime obsessed girl with a prodigious talent for kendo, helps her struggling school kendo team. PG JPN
Bamboo Blade (volume 2)
Blade of the Immortal (volume 1)
Rin, a young woman whose parents have been murdered, employs Manji, an immortal samurai to help her in her quest for vengeance MA JPN
Blade of the Immortal (volume 2)
Blade of the Immortal (volume 3)
FL CL (volume 1)
Naota is having a lot of problems. His brother's ex-girlfriend is hitting on him and a mysterious Vesper riding, bass guitar playing alien is beating him up. PG JPN
FL CL (volume 2)
FL CL (volume 3)
Full Metal Panic (volume 1)
Terrorists are trying to kidnap Chidori. Mythril a mysterious paramilitary organisation sends Sousuke to guard her. Girls, guns and fan service M JPN

Full Metal Panic (volume 2) 
Full Metal Panic (volume 3)
Full Metal Panic (volume 4)
Full Metal Panic (volume 5)
Full Metal Panic (volume 6)
Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU (volume 1)
They survived series 1, now they have to deal with yakuza, crazy cops and perverts. More Girls, guns and fan service M JPN
Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU (volume 2)
Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU (volume 3)
Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU (volume 4)
Gundam Wing (volume 1)
The giant robot anime by which all other anime in the genre measure themselves.  Has been around for donks and is still regarded as the best.  MA JPN

Gundam Wing (volume 2)
Gundam Wing (volume 3)
Gundam Wing (volume 4)
Gundam Wing (volume 5)
Gundam Wing (volume 6)
Howls Moving Castle
Sophie, a plain looking working girl has a cursed by a witch and becomes a frail old woman. She runs to the wastelands where she joins up with a Wizard as his house keeper. PG JPN
Jubei Chan, the Ninja Girl (complete 1st series)
Jubei learns that she is the reincarnation of famed swordsman Yagyu Jubei M JPN

J2 The Counter Attack of Siberia Yagyu (complete 2nd series)
Jubei-chan discovers that another girl claims the birthright of Yagyu Jubei M JPN

Kuro an Earth guardian joins into a pact with a human who is wounded while she is doing battle. M JPN
Laputa, Castle in the Sky
Pazu & Sheeta search for the legendary floating city Laputa while government agents pursue them. Japanese with English subtitles. (this DVD is region coded 2 and will only work in DVD players that have multi-region playback)
Mezzo: Danger Service Agency (volume 1)
Mikura, Harada and Kurokawa, together with their new apprentice, Asami a young bullied school girl take on jobs that are too dangerous for anyone else. MA JPN
Mezzo: Danger Service Agency (volume 2)
Mezzo: Danger Service Agency (volume 3)
Neko no Ongaeshi (The Grateful Cat)
Haru saves a cat from being hit by a truck. Later the kingdom of cats decide to thank her but can't understand why she doesn't appreciate their carefully selected gifts.
(this DVD is region coded 2 and will only work in DVD players that have multi-region playback)
Samurai 7 (volume 1)
Set in the future, a young priestess seeks out warriors to save her village from bandits. An animated retelling of the Kurosawa classic The Seven Samurai. M JPN

Samurai 7 (volume 2)
Samurai 7 (volume 3)
Samurai 7 (volume 4)
Samurai 7 (volume 5)
Samurai 7 (volume 6)
Samurai 7 (volume 7)
Samurai Champloo (volume 1)
Fuu, a dizzy waitress saves two samurai from being executed. in return she demands a little help. M JPN
Samurai Champloo (volume 2)
Samurai Champloo (volume 3)
Samurai Champloo (volume 4)
Samurai Champloo (volume 5)
Samurai Champloo (volume 6)
Samurai Champloo (volume 7)
School Rumble (complete 1st season)
Very whacky anime. Hard to explain but quite funny PG JPN
School Rumble (season 2, volume 1)
School Rumble (season 2, volume 2)