Sydney Metro Dojos Member Resources

At the Sydney Metro Dojos we have made available a selection of DVDs and books for members to borrow. To borrow you must have paid your Japanese membership and be a current active member of the Sydney Metro Dojos.
Members agree to take good care of all items borrowed and in some cases may be asked to pay for items if they are returned damaged. Some of the items listed are both rare and expensive. They have been kindly donated for your benefit, returning them in the same mint condition that they have been kept in shows your respect for the item and the person who donated it.
While a lot of the DVDs and books listed here do relate specifically to Bujinkan it is not exclusively the case.  
It should not be interpreted that items listed here are in any way endorsed by the Bujinkan, either by the Sydney Metro Dojos or the greater Bujinkan organisation. Certain items are strictly restricted to adults due to the nature of their content.

All photos are copyright Ian Seta