Battle Royale
Strictly Adults Only. A group of school children are transported to an island where they must do battle until only one survives. High levels of Violence. R JPN
Black Belt
A karate master dies without appointing an heir from amongst his 3 students. With real karate-ka in the lead roles this is one of the better martial arts movies around. M JPN
Blood, The Last Vampire
Strictly Adults Only. Demons have infested the Earth and Saya, herself half vampire must hunt them down. R JPN
Bullet Proof Monk
A monk must protect a scroll which holds the secret to immortality. M US
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Based on a Chinese martial arts tale written in the early part of the 20th century M CHN
In the Realm of the Senses
Strictly Adults Only. Nagisa Oshima’s masterwork is an exploration of obsession. Was banned in Australia, the U.S. and Japan. Extremely explicit. R JPN
Ju-on (the Grudge)
Japanese horror at its best. The vengeful spirits that inhabit a house curse social worker Rika who visits the house. M JPN
Ip Man
Set in the 1930s during Japan’s occupation of China, Ip Man is a Wing Chun master who is trying to protect his family and maintain a life of dignity. In his later years Ip Man taught Bruce Lee. M CHN
Lady Snowblood
A woman is violently raped in prison. Her daughter grows up and seeks revenge R JPN
Lady Snowblood 2  
Well researched account of the early life of Genghis Khan MA RUS
Police Story
One of Jackie Chan's earliest films and a Hong Kong Action masterpiece. PG Hong Kong
Samurai Fiction
A young samurai pursues a gifted ronin who is accused of stealing a priceless sword M JPN
Sanshiro Sugata 2
In the late 19th century a Judoka steps in when an American sailor is assaulting a Rikisha driver PG JPN
A wandering samurai arrives in a town and finds himself helping a group of idealistic young samurai in their battle against corruption in the bakufu. PG JPN
Seven Samurai
A village employes seven samurai to defend them from bandits. Was remade by Hollywood as “The Magnificent 7” and “A Bugs Life” PG JPN
The Shogun decides to play the Iga and the Koka ninja off against each other. MA JPN
Swing Girls
After the school band come down with a case of food poisoning, a group of school girls are press ganged into filling in.  G JPN (Japanese with English Subtitles)
(this DVD is region coded 2 and will only work in DVD players that allow multi-region playback)
The 47 Ronin
47 Ronin plot revenge for their Lord who was forced to commit hara kiri. A true story. M JPN
The Big Boss
Bruce Lee's debut film and a Kung Fu masterpiece by which all others are measured.
The Hidden Blade
A lowly ranked samurai seeks his place in the world while trying to save the woman he loves and fulfill his duty. MA JPN
The Hidden Fortress
A general and a princess must dodge enemy clans while trying to smuggle the royal treasure out of hostile territory. Widely acknowledged as the inspiration for Star Wars. (this DVD is region coded 1 and will only work in DVD players that allow multi-region playback) M JPN
The Twilight Samurai
Seibei is a lowly ranked samurai whose wife has died. He has two daughters and an elderly mother to support. His life is difficult but he is happy. But when the bakufu learns of his skill as a swordsman they pressure him to kill an outlaw. M JPN
Tora Tora Tora
Without doubt the best film ever made that deals with the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbour which brought the United States into WW2. M USA/JPN
A wandering samurai plays two yakuza gangs off against each other. The inspiration for “For a Fistfull of Dollars” PG JPN
From the early 1960s to the early 1970s Katsu Shintaro made 27 movies as the blind swordsman Zato. This box set contains the very first 4. M JPN